Light Wall Panels

GGW’s light wall panels are lightweight, strong, fireproof, soundproof, waterproof, quick installation, environmentally friendly and recyclable. All wall panels are ready to paint after installation. Our walls are produced using latest¬†manufacturing technology and machines.

Product Specifications:

Size: 610mm x 2440mm (2′ x 8′)
Thickness: 60mm to 120mm

Light Wall Panels
Product Main Advantages

GGW light wall panel has surface made of thin fiber-cement or calcium silicate. The middle is filled with a lightweight composite core material.

Wall Panel ThicknessWeight (kg)
60 mm4.22 kg
75 mm5.1 kg
90 mm5.48 kg
120 mm7.25 kg

Materials used in making GGW energy saving light wall panel is resistant to fire for more than 4 hours at 1000, without emitting toxic gases.

Wall Panel ThicknessFire Endurance(h)
60 mm1.5
75 mm2
90 mm3
120 mm4


Calcium silicate board outer material combine with composition of foam cement inner core materials in making GGW light wall panel has good sound insulation properties. Perfect to use in making walls for rooms where you don’t want sound from inside the room to get out such as KTV rooms and hotel rooms.

Wall Panel ThicknessSound Insulation Capacity in the air
60 mm35 dB
75 mm38 dB
90 mm40 dB
120 mm45 dB

GGW light wall panel is moisture-proof and waterproof. Suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, basements and other wet areas.


GGW light wall panel wall system is efficient therefore has short construction period. GGW light wall panel is completely dry operation. Transport is simple and stacking is clean, without mortar plastering usually involved with traditional brick and mortar walls in Myanmar. This greatly reduces the construction duration, material loss and construction waste.


Reuse Usage:70-90%

The degree of recyclability is 70-90%. In the case of shifting partitions in shopping centers or offices, the dismantling and rebuilding process is quick and hassle free.


Customers save money during building phase and rebuilding phase.During building phase customers can save money from not having to clean up, material loss and waste that typically associated with brick and mortar walls. During rebuilding phase, customers save money by being able to reuse 70-90% of the wall panels.


Installation of GGW light wall panel is quick due to dry operation and wall is build by stacking wall panels so any walls you need to build will be built much quicker than brick by brick.



Once panels are installed, they are ready to be applied with putty and paint. No other preparations is necessary.


GGW Light Wall Panels are light and strong so you can place the walls where there is no structural beam, allowing you to have more flexibility and creativity in forming rooms on a floor. You are not constraint to building a wall only where there is structural beam under the floor to support it as required by traditional brick and mortar walls.

Increase The Use Of Space

GGW light wall panel wall of 75mm can be used to replace the traditional 120mm wall bricks, thus, for every 11.8m of extension, it increases 1m^2 used of space. Using GGW wall panel in residential can increase 4.26m^2 of living space for every 100m^2.

Insulation Of Heat And Cold

The materials used in making GGW light wall panel are perfect for retaining indoor temperature while greatly reducing the affects of outdoor temperature inside the room. When weather is really hot outside, it is cool inside room with walls built using GGW light wall panels.

Environmentally Safe

GGW light wall panels are made from harmless raw materials. These non-radioactive products are in line with G/T167-2005 standards.

Seismic Resistant

GGW light wall panel partition system structure does not deform and the wall does not loosen easily during earthquake as wall panels are installed using steel anchors and panels have grooves to lock in between each panel.

Walls Can Be Nailed

GGW light wall panel walls can be nailed or bolted for hanging heavy objects up to 45kg; and wall panels smooth surface will not produce dust, can be directly pasted tile, wallpaper, wood trim and other materials for decorative treatment.